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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Sandart Using Coloured Salt

Having regular playdates are good because on alternate weeks, I can just vegetate while the girls are playing, and when I'm hosting I try to use up whatever I have around the house (still a gazillion toilet rolls for crafting lol). The idea is also to have it low cost, so that if it's a hit, we won't go broke replicating it.

For the recent one I hosted, I used a craft idea that my Girl Guides seniors taught us back in secondary school - using coloured salt to do sandart bottles. (It was supposed to be at our place, but I figured it would be too difficult a feat with Mitten around, so we went over to next door's to do the said craft.) It's really quite simple and cheap, except that you'll get loads of salt on the table and floor with toddlers so try to lay some newspapers on the floor!

You'll need: salt, glass jars (or mineral water/any other clear bottles), chalk and some papers.

Got this at 40c, the most inexpensive salt at Sheng Siong!

Leftover jars from our puddings (you can get similar ones from Paris Baguette or Tiramisu Hero)

{STEP 1} Give each child a sheet of paper - this will be their workstation. Pour a small amount (about a heaped tbsp) of salt onto the paper and get them to colour the salt with a piece of chalk. Encourage the children to colour the salts a deeper shade so the colours will be more prominent when layered later on.

When the salt starts separating from the main lump, use the paper to swirl the salt back together.

{STEP 2} Fold the paper slightly in half to pour the coloured salt into the jar. If preferred, swirl the jar so that the salt layer is more even. It's more fun to any-o-how pour though!

{STEP 3} For a more interesting spin, get the children to poke the salt at the sides of the jar. Depending on the height of the jar, you can use toothpicks or satay sticks.

Remember to pack as much salt as you can in the jars otherwise when the kids swing the jar, the salts will all jiggle around and the patterns will disappear...


In almost an hour, the girls managed to complete 4 jars (with some leftover grains) with that 500g box of salt. The mummies had some cleaning up to do, before we proceeded on to drawing and some yogurt!

The girls' fave yogurt is the Yoplait Kids range, especially banana (but I much prefer the strawberry). There's also vanilla in the range. Save their messy do's, I think the kids look like good ambassadors for yogurt. Any takers? LOL

Thanks for letting us mess up your place, and for taking all the photos, Winnie!


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