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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Dark and Darker ::

(For the life of me, I don't know why I'm still awake at this ungodly hour. Reasons I should be sleeping now: My packing for Taiwan is still half-past-ten-thousand and I need to finish it today. Misplaced my car keys and ibank dongle earlier when trying to keep out of Bielet's reach, but unfortunately it became out of Bie's brain too. Have been having restless sleep the past few nights. Because. Anyways.)

Day 44. Sunday was my friend's baby's first birthday! Yay! Remember the gift I got from City Point earlier? It was a yummilicious set of ice-creams for her boy to enjoy!

(Source: Toys 'R' Us)

The birthday bash was held at Serangoon Gardens Country Club, near Chomp Chomp. Bielet had such a fun time with the goodie bag of treats and toys ((: She wanted so much to play with the other kids but was a bit shy. Then the hubby had to go back to work *bummer* so we couldn't stay long, but we still nipped off a wee while enough for me to dabao my favouritest mudpie from Ice3 Cafe!

Here's a peek at the best Cookie Monster mudpie ((: All nice and snug in the foil tub, packed in a cooler bag with dry ice of course. This was one of my reasons for battling crazy Serangoon Gardens traffic at peak hour during my pregnancy. Hee.

Because we had to leave early, my friend S generously let us have a cupcake before the actual cake-cutting! Awww. I chose the sea salt caramel because the hubby doesn't share my fondness for chocolate. It was so good, and looked so utterly divine too. See the little curve at the left side? I think some kid couldn't resist and had a fingerful or so before us!!!

And our outfits for fourtyfor. Laughs.

(Looooooooooooooove this picture, by the way) This dress from Bloodbuzz is such an interesting piece that I was immediately drawn to it during their trunk show. Emm had invited me to join her and I went unwittingly and splurged on no less than 3 pieces. Thanks, Emm. The mini-dress is kept modest with its collared neckline and the flowy skirt cocooning it, but wait until you start walking in it. I felt a bit conscious at the length (or rather, lack of it) when I was carrying Bielet around. Hope no one got red eyes that day ))))))))))):

A closer look at the fabric design. The dress is aptly named Coffee & Flowers.

Just to give you an idea of the mini-dress length! (Source: Bloodbuzz)

Bielet also had issues with her skirt length - because she's wearing her size '0' dress. Yes, she can still fit into it because she is still so lean and NOT PUTTING ON WEIGHT! I'm so stressed at her lack of progress that I'm losing weight trying to make her gain weight. Digressing. 

Her navy blue dress was to be all matchy matchy in dark shades with my dress ((: 

Other than the simple tulle skirt, there is a bow at the left collar - can you spot it?

It has almost been a month since I officially stopped work. Since then, I've baked a storm (for my cousin's birthday and as farewell gifts to my dear colleagues), cooked edible food for Bielet and the hubby (although the weighing scale doesn't record any correlation in weight), knocked out four articles for Yules (not sure on whether half will get picked up because I didn't exactly know what I was doing!), planned for my Taiwan trip and what's next. Lots more to do still on the To-Dos!

:: WBW ::
Dress : Bloodbuzz

:: WHW ::
Dress : Cotton On Baby (Thanks to Yiyi!)


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