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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

So. During my extensive research planning for our Taiwan trip, I found out that from Taipeidreams.com that you can get maps and freebies from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau office at Chevron House before your trip. The maps are readily available for anyone who swings by the office, but the seasonal freebies (while stocks last) can only be redeemed with a valid airline ticket reservation and/or 1N hotel stay.

Prior to us heading to Chevron House, I had emailed the office to check out whether the freebie was worth making the trip down for. The reply? 7-11 discount coupons. What the... Somehow, ZX managed to convince me to go down anyway and get the maps. Seeing as it might be quite hectic with us searching for the airport transfer and Heidi maybe not interested in hanging around the airport to wait for us to pick out maps and leaflets, I relented. Good thing I did!

There was an extensive selection of maps and brochures for us to choose from, and these are just some of those we picked for our Taipei & Hualien trip. Sure, there are the usual haunts of Taipei 101, Ximending, Tamsui that we've read to death but any new place mentioned is always interesting to know of :)

The lovely receptionist was so sweet! She saw the little munchkin and gifted her with a wee doll from some 2009 Taiwan festival (see below left). Not content with the doll, Heidi started to re-arrange the leaflets in her own formation to entertain herself - while the receptionist was trying to explain stuff to Mama in Mandarin, but eventually gave up and conversed in English after all. Heidi went over to wave her goodbyes before we left, and the receptionist gave her another doll. This time a doll-shaped magnetic bookmark (see below right). So nice right?

And of course, the clincher aka freebie. Yup it was a few 7-11 discount coupons, but with a one-day free wifi at 7-11 store pass too! We got 3 sets of booklets and cards for our 3 airline tickets :):) And they also gave us a book of amusement park tickets, which are apparently 1-for-1 admission tickets. Coooooooool.

So yes, please head to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau before your Taiwan trip for your maps and freebies! Their address is 30 Raffles Place, #10-01, Chevron House. Can also email them at tbrocsin@singnet.com.sg before that to check out their freebies!


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