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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Nudes Noob ::

Day 43. Our family of 3 drove the cross-country route to NUH as Bielet and me had a checkup on Saturday. It was a routine checkup under the GUSTO study, Singapore's largest and most comprehensive birth cohort study which gathers data from first-time mothers and their baby, starting from pregnancy until the baby is three years old. For our efforts yesterday, Bielet earned another $100 for her piggy bank!

Us on our way out after completing the study. Love how we are wearing nice neutral complementary colours ((:

Here's a brighter view from the back. The dress looks so gorgeous from the back eh? With the structured bodice and open back, as well as the soft flowy pleated midi skirt. 

From the front! You can see how difficult it is to take a decent shot while entertaining Bielet and making sure she doesn't scoot off!! 

A closer look at my sparkling necklace - a past birthday gift from my close bunch of colleagues. It actually goes better with Bielet's dress, but she was on the verge of breaking the chain so I took it off for myself, just in case.

Since I took her necklace, she decided to have a go with my leopard-blinged shades instead! Sorry darling, I hate to say this, but those don't go with your outfit. The pretty little pink and white flowers clash terribly with the garish animal print!!

Of all the shades of brown, nude is one of my favourite (along with the chocolates). The shade doesn't particularly make my skin glow because of my terribly faded tan )): but there's something so minimalist and unassuming that this non-shade translates to outfits that I absolutely dig. My favourite dress is made up of nudes and chocolate browns, and I can't wait to hao lian it. Now, if only I have the occasion to don it. Now nearing the halfway mark of my 90 days lookbook challenge, I have realised that I might face a problem because my formal wear previously for the office have no place in the supermarket or home! Howwwwwwww?!

:: WBW ::
Dress : Hollyhoque
Shades : River Island

:: WHW ::
Dress : Gift from Bielet's Ah Ma!


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