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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

(Cont'd from Part 1)

We went back to Aunty Monty's place one last time before we left NZ, for a spot of tea and to chat with Auntys Gael and Andrea :) Heidi was so chuffed to continue her grass plucking tutorials! This time, Aunty Andrea taught her how to make her own daisy chains - see this video on how to make your own.

Doesn't she look absolutely adorable? We weren't very successful on the daisy chain front though. Bah.

She moved on to terrorising an orange ;) Or rather, the orange or something else terrorised her. LOL.


Yum, this orange tastes great. I think. Mama doesn't even let me lick it!

Some other shots of us at Aunty Monty's house. We will miss all the memories and joy.

Heidi and I arriving at Aunty Monty's house

Have you seen a lovelier garden?

And here's a sneak peek of Aunty Monty's studio off the garden. Imagine working in such lush surroundings and basking in the serenity of nature :)

One of the many collections that Aunty Monty created.

Aunty Gael teasing the little chump Heidi!

Why is Heidi so glum?!

And, a final shot for the album. We miss you all!


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