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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Army Wife ::

Day 56. Realised I forgot about these outfits! Had a lunch date with my grandma, mom, bro and his gf, and Bielet a week after our Taiwan trip. Clean forgot about the photos and my post because the camera battery went completely flat.

Anyways, we were at the T3 Imperial Treasure (yes, same venue as my girlfriends' lunch and just a couple of days after the date too!) and it marked the first day I caught the bad flu bug. Sniff. 2 weeks on, my mum/sis/me have since recovered, Bielet is en route to recovery save the runny nose every now and then, and my hubby/bro just fell sick. My dad was away in China when the flu bug was making his rounds in the family, and hopefully it skips him.

On to a less serious topic, I have dubbed the outfit 'Army Wife' as the army green of my top makes me feel very armywife-ish. And I am what, unabashedly so too, as I really feel that my hubby and his fellow colleagues are in a stellar profession. Not only are the physical requirements utterly draining and taxing on one's body, the complexity involved in the expected tasks seem ridiculously impossible to me. That's not to say other professions are any less. I just think that people don't give those in the armed forces enough credit for the efforts they put in. It's easy to be a hater but we really need to start appreciating those around us and be thankful, instead of so damn whiny. Oops, did I say "a less serious topic"? Really! Let's move on to the clothes...

Really love the boxy sleeves on this top! Other than the obvious military green, the uniformed vibe is further reflected in the gold button on each shoulder as well. Cute! Why do I love this top but have only worn it two other efforts prior? As you can see, the top is rather snug and my tummy is showing! Still rather dig the top though. Laughs.

On the other spectrum, Bielet rocks her strawberry and polka dotted dress (her first Christmas present from my close friend Yules). I still remember her wearing the frock at her first birthday party and she looks all grown up now. My baby is growing up way too fast! #KimoraMoment

In a totally different style (except that it is gold like the button on my top), I slipped into my gorgeous luxe atas gold embellished sandals. Haven't had many occasions to wear this out (think a bit weird with my aunty-clothes to NTUC anot?) and I really do adore this pair. Wore it for my ROM like 4 years ago, and frankly, am quite surprised that it's still holding up. My other shoes from Pazzion haven't lasted as long (nor as comfy).

Ringed my Fie accessory as well. One of my favouritest rings because it's in one of my most liked colours and it reminds me of intertwined vines.

:: WBW ::
Top : Mango
Shorts : Cotton On
Sandals : Pazzion
Ring : Fie

:: WHW ::
Dress : Gift from Aunty YL


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