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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Beachy Batik ::

Day 57. Went to Sentosa to meet my sis! She is there on a staycation with her bf but had to fulfill a lunch date with her sis - that's me! LOL. I was all dolled up for the beach, and dressed Bielet suitably cool enough for the atrociously hot weather too. Upon reaching the Sentosa Resort and Spa, I was bummed to realise that the beach was ten thousand miles away (I'm exaggerating but you get my drift) so we drove to Vivocity to chow down my favourite Bosses for lunch instead. I love their food and their interesting tea cocktails/mocktails/smoothies/iced teas!

My poses are so mugshot and boring - I like! Anyways, this batik skirt is one of my birthday gifts from my 21st birthday party! Can't believe that I can still fit into it... Adore the beautiful print and how the skirt drapes so perfectly. 

Accessory #1: Beach appropriate set of arm candy from one of my friends Yules' dive trip last year, I believe. The pale green colour proves a very interesting addition to the outfit, hence I posed with the arm out above. Hee, do you think it accentuates the bracelets or do I just look awkward? Aside, the shade of green reminds me of my JC uniform. Nothing interesting about that look.

Accessory #2: The only choker that I've worn more than 20 times and still love so dearly. The picture doesn't do it justice!?!?!?! It is actually made up of an assortment of wooden circles in various shades of brown, all stringed together with a very hardworking and strong string. Another piece from way back, it's even older than my batik skirt and I don't even remember where it's from?! Still heart it tonnes.

Accessory #3: Trying to reflect the woven headband. Believe it or not, I have quite a collection of hairbands - ranging from the ordinary (like this one) to really OTT (mesh, feathers, embellishments and all).

Bielet exhausted from our little outing. We need to do this more often to get out of our sedentary rut! This halter dress is a gift from my sis and it has a girly floral print and two cutesy pockets in front. As if children will utilise the pockets!

Close up of the print. Pretty, right?

:: WBW ::
Top : Uniqlo
Skirt : Individual Expression
Hairband : H&M

:: WbW ::
Dress : Camouflage


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