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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

As a child, I had many lofty ambitions of what I wanted to be when I grew up - teacher, writer/journalist and archaeologist. The last being the most ambitious of them all, of course. Suppose that's the reason why I love museums. The wealth of artifacts recovered from days past and the rich history behind its walls are such a mystery to behold. And it's the closest I'll ever be to an archaeologist.

It's such a treat to visit at least one museum on my travels, and in this case, it was the Shisanhang Museum of Archaeology at Bali Left Bank. You must be wondering why we didn't go to the National Palace Museum instead. Despite it being the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese artifacts, I've been there twice already and wanted to check out their other museums. This was it :):)

Usually I don't take photos inside the museum because it is prohibited, but it seemed rather welcome here so I snapped away. Here are select snaps of my favourite exhibits!

The special exhibition was a collection of resplendent Mexican masks, which are used in Mexican festivals.

Continuing on the Austronesian exhibition

Intricate, isn't it? I was very taken by the engravings of this dome.

A tattoo set! I saw this on Storage Wars, and it's apparently worth a few hundred US bucks.

Way cool wooden hornbill holding its impressive array of jewellery!

More precious accessories

Isn't this pot gorgeous?

There's more!

Their wax figures are so eerily lifelike. Wonder if our local waxed ones are as good?

The expansive exhibition grounds. What luxury!

If you're thinking of bringing your kiddo, you can rent a stroller free-of-charge at the reception area. It has been the most comfy looking rented stroller I've seen, you can even recline it down for the child to snooze comfortably!

In fact, Bielet slept throughout our entire visit. ROFL

This is a surprise gem that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is an extensive recollection of the area's rich history and its importance to Taiwan. Other than the key exhibition on Shisanhang, the other collections on Mexico and Austronesians were insightful, though small. Would have liked the store to have carried more souvenirs related to the museum. We did buy an owl ornament for my Dad for Fathers' Day (apparently, the owl is a protector of pregnant ladies in Taiwanese belief - anyway, my Dad adores the hooters so it was apt to add to his stash!) as well as a jigsaw puzzle with a hilarious illustration of Taiwan and its delicacies. Haven't got the time to get started on it yet. Let's see when we get down and finally complete it! It's been a while since I've pieced a puzzle!


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