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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Ode to McQueen ::

Day 59's outfit was for a special, very special day ((: It was the wedding of one of my closest friends from secondary school to her sweetheart from JC. So many years on and they still look as cute a couple as when I first saw them together. When the emcee asked one of the guests how long he has known the groom, I did a double-take because I realised I had known the bride for fourteen years! Ditto for my bff, who was the bride's partner (aka sat next to each other in class) during our upper sec years.

Since the birth of precious Bielet, my family and friends have become so much more important because I feel more than ever, that life is really too short to be wasted. My family and friends stood by me when I stumbled (and still am) onto the path of motherhood. They generously showered me with kind words of encouragement, multitude of hugs and care for mother and child, and always seem to have endless love for me and Bielet ((: Can't believe how emo I've become though. Guffaws.

To the outfit then! Decided to wear a dress that I got a while back but never donned before. The frock is named "Ode to McQueen" and obviously, is inspired by one of the dresses from the fashion maestro's collection. I felt quite the rockstar putting it on - the big puffy, tulle skirt; pops of lace lining the shoulders and the ominous printed feathers of the frock. Threw on a belt from another dress and I was ready to go! Woohoo!

The wedding dinner went by in a flash because we were having a ball of a time! Was actually quite sad to attend the dinner without Bielet as she was still sick, but the hubby and I managed to enjoy ourselves nevertheless ((: Of course, the highlight was seeing the gorgeous bride and dashing groom. We met a few friends at the dinner too (touch-and-go largely), other than the pleasant surprise of bumping into one of our climbing friend's wife. Had forgot that she was the bride's colleague. Singapore is so small, eh? The icing on the cake was the food! As expected, there was rendang and other spicy gourmet treats - which I was really looking forward to! Food at home has been so bland these days because I can't OD Bielet on sugar, sodium, spices etc. I miss my chillies, sashimi, curries, sushi, kway chup, char kway teow, chwee kway and the list goes so. Anyway, the bomb was the soto ayam at the buffet line. I, unabashedly, dished myself three huge bowls of it and topped it with chilli chilli chilli. Shiok!

Thanks for inviting us to the wedding, dearie ((: Congratulations again on your conjugal bliss and we can't wait to meet up after your sunny honeymoon in the Maldives!

:: WBW ::
Dress : MDS Collections
Belt : Runway 75
Clutch : Mango


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