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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

After my earlier posts on the restaurant specialising in goat's cheese on Qi Xing Tan and our outfits (read here and here), here's my post on the beach proper :) Its name is supposedly derived from the seven nearby lakes, but have since been filled up.

There are loads and loads and loads of rocks dotting the coastline. Walking from the stairs towards the lapping waves, there are a variety of stones, pebbles and rocks which greet your feet. I'm not a fan of beaches because I'm so OCD that I absolutely detest any grain of sand between my feet and slipper. #PrincessAndThePea

Like the rest of Hualien, the human traffic flow here is really low so it's a nice place to chillax. Just get ready to have a bumpy ride ;) To commemorate Bielet's first trip to the beach, ZX pulled out all the stops to teach her some basic beachy tricks.

1. Wave Appreciation Lesson

He slyly creeped up to the water with Bielet tucked in the backpack carrier, oblivious to the danger ahead

What one of the mild waves look like

ZX telling Bielet to admire the far horizon, clouds overhead and the crashing waves

Really Crashing Waves!

Oops, sorry Papa under-estimated the height of the waves. But anyways, only he is wet. LOL

2. Throw Rocks Lesson #1

Bielet: See Papa! I'm clutching a rock!
ZX: Okay good. Don't throw at Papa's head, yah?

Bielet: Touchdown!
ZX: Don't throw it at Papa's head!!

3. Throw Rocks Lesson #2

Learning to share her rock with Papa

Bielet: It's okay! I have plenty of rocks to choose from still! :D

Mustering up her strength to flinch her rock as far as possible

Bielet: (Woefully) Papa, my rocks aren't going very far...

ZX: See, you need to clutch it properly and swing your arm back before you fling it

4. Lesson in Follow-The-Leader

ZX: Follow Papa closely. We are going to buy watermelon juice from that hut.
Bielet: Okay
(Unfortunately, the store was not open for business yet! We were two days away from opening day!)

The other tourists were just trudging along the beach and kicking the random rock, looking rather bored. Not sure what they were expecting? Sure, there is a dearth of activities at the beach because no one swims in the water, and there are no leisurely water activities. But that's precisely why we like the beach! Because it just feels like it's your own private beach (albeit some random 'trespassers' appearing every now and then). LOL

The sky was overcast (and a slight drizzle started later on) so there were plenty of big fat clouds looming. Amazingly, they seemed so close and just made it that much more cool. As for the buildings by the left of the photo, we reckoned they were hotels/hostels for tourists who might like the beachfront residence.

And one for the family album! We are but a speck because this is a self-timer shot as usual ;) How come I'm the only one smiling gleefully?

Red tee with girl amidst toadstools from Sooki Baby, Blue skirt with polka-dots-and-stars prints and red tulle underskirt from Oobi, White socks with lace trimmings from Fox Baby, Bronze shoes from See Kai Run

Green top with shoulder cut-outs from Hollyhoque, Striped inner beige-and-white spag top from Uniqlo, Metal grey bubble shorts from Collect Point, Tan sandals with a pop of pink from Nine West


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