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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Flowers & A Moustache ::

Day 60. I've hit the two-third mark! ((: It was errands day so I just put on an easy, laid back outfit to aid all the running around. I bought about $140 worth from the hypermart and had to lug all the bags by myself! Bielet had fallen asleep so Granny was tasked to babysit her at home, while I re-packed the grocery bags and heaved my way up. My arms were about to give way by the time I reached my floor. What was worst, was that I had to manoeuvre the junk in the terribly clogged up corridor - jungle worth of flower pots, fish tanks, laundry, cupboard, more plants. Utterly ridiculous! I remember when I had to push Bielet's Quinny Buzz stroller through this mess when she was a few months old and the stroller got stuck. I rang the doorbell, knocked on the door to no avail. The $^#%(*#^@ neighbours only appeared sheepishly at the door when I hollered, "Your plants are blocking the way and I can't push my baby's stroller through!"

Yes, I don't think my neighbours like me much. #FireHazard
That aside, my outfit was definitely less frazzled than my temper. 

Plain white tee with my culottes (or as my sis exclaimed when she saw me, "Why are you wearing bloomers, Bie?!"), and a simple pair of slippers in gold.

A wooden moustache pinned to the pocket of my tee ((: Isn't it super cool? One of my Christmas gifts from Emm! Love!

Close-up of my culottes' floral print. I really like the washed-out, vintage feel of the print and the material is really comfy for my running about. The waistband is elasticated, because I bought it during my preggers days to fit my expanding waistline! Good thing too - as my waistline has never been the same again )):

Checking off my super duper long grocery list yielded ingredients for dinner with the family! And I tried my hand at chicken meatballs for one of the dinner dishes ((:

Chicken Meatballs - baby and adult version. The baby meatballs were marinated with 3 drops of dark soya sauce and a dash of lemon pepper, while the adult ones were mixed in sweet sauce and lots of lemon pepper. Unfortunately, the meatballs were rather dry inside )): My mum suggests mixing in egg next time, while my sis votes for sauce. All in all, it was quite a good attempt, right?

:: WBW ::
Top : River Island
Culottes : Pull And Bear
Slippers : Gap
Brooch : Mein

[p/s: On another note, my first two articles have been published in Shape Magazine, July issue! Go grab your copy now!]


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