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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

One of my fridge magnets is of Bielet on the lap of Santa :):) It was taken during our NZ trip last year at The Base Shopping Centre. Here are some behind the scenes shots!

That's me on the left - trying my darnest to get Bielet to smile. Evidently, I failed. Sadness. But at least she was looking in the direction of the camera! ;)

Right after the shot, we thought Bielet was going to try for her first Christmas wish but she had other plans. She tried to pull off Santa's beard! Good thing I saved Santa from being de-bearded or we'll never get any Christmas presents. Ever.

This mall is fairly large and has a good mix of stores. I was really really tempted to buy the stores down, but thankfully my mum knocked some sense into me ;) I did get myself a whimsical necklace from one of the stores alongside the carpark to add to my accessory collection, and which has become one of my favouritest necklaces! The necklace is from the Neverland line. I had such a hard time choosing from the fabulous pieces but finally decided on one that reads "So barefoot we shall go" (read more here).

Adding to the variety of stores are a few other standalone buildings around the mall, which include a collection of factory outlet shops and supermarket. There are plenty of parking lots but you might have to walk rather far just to get to the stores on a crowded weekend. We tried the food court as we wanted to have some variety but we were solely disappointed as it was quite substandard.

With such a large mall, there are many baby changing rooms as well. While our baby changing pull-out tables are located in the Ladies back home, the tables here are in the handicapped loos. There is a sign outside which will light up when it is occupied. So my mum and I happily made our way to one of the said loos which indicated 'Unoccupied'. She opened the door and had the shock of her life - because there was a man at the bowl! Like OMG, she managed to utter a "Sorry" before banging the door shut. Me? I was just bewildered as I was still trying to get Bielet out of her stroller. From then on, I had to open my own doors.

EEK! All I want for Christmas is for that never ever to happen again.

Bielet with Grandpa and Mama at The Base Shopping Centre! (She was still learning how to walk when we were in NZ, hence we had to support her as she edged her way through the mall)


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