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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Animal Resort VS Zoo (Part 1)

Last week was a special week :) It was the most eventful week I've had for a looooooooong time - we brought Bielet to the Animal Resort on Monday, then to the Singapore Zoological Gardens on Tuesday and later in the week I dabbled in sailing, had my second blading lesson and even zoomed around on my new bike.

For now, let's just focus on The Animal Resort, shall we?

As it was a public holiday in lieu last Monday, my bro and his gf suggested bringing Bielet to the resort at Seletar West Farmway. Post-Bielet nap, we reached the place around 4+ and were surprised to see such a large crowd! The tiny carpark which can squeeze in about 12 cars at most was totally full. Thankfully we managed to nip into a lot as a driver rolled out :)

I love the image of the dog slouching peacefully across the hammock!

The resort is a cosy compound where you can gaze at select creatures having a leisurely afternoon strolling around or just snoozing. We headed straight for the feeding station where there were bunnies and guinea pigs! My bro and his gf bought some animal feed and bread from the little cafe (as the fresh carrots had been sold out by then). Unfortunately, it seemed like the animals had been overfed by the time we arrived and they took no notice of our food dangling in front of them :( There is no admission charge for entry btw, but we had to pay for the feed.

Look at the half-gnawed carrots strewn around the rabbit hutch!

After ascertaining that the furry creatures indeed were not interested in our food *boo*, we headed for our winged friends instead! They were a bit more accommodating and welcomed us when we approached by looking up at least, but alas, none of them wanted the snacks either.

Bielet and me with my bro and his gf! My mum is taking the shot :) but she declined being in any of the photos. Some things never change... (my mum has always been the photog so there are very rare photos of her) All photos in this post are taken by her, btw :)

Peacock alert! My bro warns that the handsomest peacock is very snappy. Please don't poke any fingers into the cage unless you don't want them anymore.

My bro enticing the geese by shaking the pack of animal feed in his right hand. You gotta hand it to him for his perseverance, eh? Lol.

The stubborn geese continued preening themselves and nary a glance towards the food did throw. Sheesh. What a waste of our money!

There is also a resident horse (who was a bit grouchy the day we visited) and a goat (who was bent on sleeping the afternoon away). I suppose the animals were a bit tired after all the excitement from the early visitors - my bro and his gf said the creatures are usually more energetic and hungry! All in all, it was a nice cosy place for little ones to get to know the animals.

[Memorable event] Bielet and I were actually posing for photos by the horse when my bro said a white flower had dropped on the crown of Bielet's head. I was about to brush it off when I realised it was actually bird poop! OMG Mother Panic Mode and we rushed to get the Kleenex and white wipes out to clean it off, then zipped to the tap to rinse it off, and double white wiped it. Bielet, of course, kept her cool and wanted to just flick whatever was on her head off it - which of course increased the said MPM. Now you know why there isn't a picture of the horse. On hindsight, that picture would have been rather hilarious.

The place also has boarding facilities for your little doggies and training/grooming school. The main building at the entrance welcomes you with excited doggie yelps and an overwhelming odiferous canine scent. Pardon my nose, but someone with allergic rhinitis should never be exposed to such a pungent smell. I scooted out the moment I stepped into the shop, which was a pity as I wanted to have a closer look at the dogs along with Bielet.

Bielet holding my bro's hand as she's glancing over to his gf. I really like this shot :) The three of them look quite nicely colour-coordinated too.

These are the opening hours of the facility, I suppose. Have fun!

Will blog about Tuesday's zoo outing next!


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