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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Shades of Purple ::

Day 83. Another purple outfit! This time it's a mother-daughter combi as we decided to join the tradition of dressing in the same colour on our Hari Raya visiting ((;

Bielet looking delectable in her pretty sarong kebaya that her Yiyi and her bf got for her ((: To match her outfit, Bielet picked this purple number for Mama to wear too. I like the design of the dress as it reminds me of potato printing. Hahaha

The designs continue on the back of our outfits too

I also accessorised with a bracelet with gems in shades of purple. This baby is from my JC prom. Goodness! It still looks as gorgeous as when I first bought it though ((:

And of course, I couldn't pass up posting this uber cute picture of Bielet in her kebaya! This was a couple of days before the actual Hari Raya as I was trying the outfit on for her. The blouse is for a 2yo while the dress is actually a skirt for a 4yo (best matched fabrics in the store then!) so I puelled it up into a dress. You wouldn't have guessed if I didn't tell you, right? ((;

Bielet met two new baby friends today, Baby Mirei (whose mama is my hubby's cousin, see here) and Baby Nadhrah (my JC pal Zuzu's baby girl)! She loved to sayang the little ones and it was so nice to see her so tender towards the babies ((: As for her first Hari Raya visiting, I proclaim it a success! Bielet super loved chomping on the cornflake cookies and mingling with her newfound friends. Can't wait for Chinese New Year!

:: WBW ::
Dress : Sheri Bodell
Bracelet : Accessorize

:: WHW ::
Sarong Kebaya : Gift from Yiyi during her Malaysia trip!


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