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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Day 85. Went to another flea market! This time it was the Public Garden one at MICA Building (if you're wondering why this post is after my Hari Raya post, it's because my outfits are all over the place. Haha.) Emm, Yules and I headed there after our first blading lesson at East Coast, and super yummy lunch of bakuteh and pigs' offals at Song Fa.

New midi dress that I just had to have after still thinking about it over a restless night's sleep ((; *Dramatic* The girls thought my heart-shaped shades were quite a hoot. I love it (literally).

And this was my favouritest buy from the Public Garden flea! I had actually seen it on the Five Stones Vintage facebook feed a while back and hesitated (as someone is supposed to cut down on the frivolous spending). When the online store updated that you could reserve the items and have a look at the actual pieces at the flea, I was sold. I got in touch with the lovely Eileen and the rest is history (I got a vintage maxi dress as well too, do a post when I wear it later). I absolutely adore this kitschy retro tote bag, especially since I have such fond memories of Raggedy Ann and Andy (yes, you can guess my age already, eh?). Ditched my poor bag that I was togging and immediately transferred all my essentials into this tote instead. Did I mention that the tote is actually a reversible one? It's red and white checks within (reminiscent of my Home Econs apron. Lol) while the other side of the tote, not pictured, has other images of the two dolls. LOVE

Doesn't the origami swan necklace go so perfectly with my moody grey dress? This necklace was my buy from the last flea (read here). This shot was taken earlier before we reached MICA Building hence I was still carrying my original bag. Laughs.

I thought I was doing pretty well on cutting on my shopping. Guess not.

:: WBW ::
Dress : Lacquar
Bag : Five Stones Vintage
Necklace : Sandra (at MAAD)


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