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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

It's about 40 days to the little one's second birthday! I can't believe that it's already more than a year! :D Seems like first birthdays nowadays are all massive celebrations, eh?

Bielet's first birthday was also a huge event - for us, at least ;) I considered writing in to institute a national holiday "Happy Heidi's First Birthday" so I could spend it with her, but of course we know I'm jesting. ZX did get polo tees done with the specially sewn taglines, and I 'designed' these birthday brownies for her party. Thanks to The Garden Slug for letting us have specially designed brownies. See the design and actual brownies :D

Aren't they lovely? Each square was a special memory of Bielet, her milestones or favourite things and food! Like she already had six teeth by her first birthday and loved to swim. She was a little tubby, hence dubbed "chubby cheeks" or "heidi mooncake" etc.

As for her birthday cake, we had a BabyTV-themed three tier cake with cupcakes on the side from Ybake. Everyone loved the cake and it was yummmmmmmmy too!

I simply adore planning parties and all :)) My 21st birthday party was such fun to plan and shop for. My wedding (ROM and dinner) were great as well because although I had to do a big event to please the whole world, at least we (or mostly I) could choose everything else - and yup, I didn't find it as stressful as everyone said. I think them being stressed for me made me stressed though. And of course, Bielet's bash went as well as I hoped for - although there weren't any kids to play the ball pool and slide that I rented. Boo.

But by the way, we ain't having any other big parties. Budget constraints. Lol.


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