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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Day 88. Another day at the office! Thought I would put one of my more formal dresses to good use ((: My sis saw a pic that I tagged on fb of me and Yules in the office and asked "Wah Bie, trying to get Best Dressed Award huh?" ...

Anyways, it was an exciting day at office! The Ben & Jerry's team came with their new Maple Tree Hugger flavour. I loved it! After having Bielet, seems like my tastebuds have changed slightly and I can't eat as many truckloads of chocolate so I've started trying other ice cream flavours. Previously it was either chocolate (and its variations) or cookies & cream. The maple tree one was nice because the maple syrup wasn't overtly sweet and the brownie bits were a yummy surprise. Can't say the same about the 'cow' which tagged along with the team - we were trying to figure out where its eyes, hands and udders were. O_O

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Dress : ETC Collections (Karen Miller)


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