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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Since my last post on Animal Resort, I've yet to update on our outing to the zoo so here it is :))

I love going to the zoo because there is no other place which offers you the experience of so many animals at once. It, however, is quite tiring eh? All that walking around - especially when you are carrying a 10kg kiddo. Unlike the Animal Resort, I'm sure everyone else has been to our Singapore Zoological Gardens, so here are just our personal five reasons that we love going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. You can come too, too, too!

Getting up close to some of our fave animals


Horses, ponies, goats!



Learning interesting nuggets about the animals

Bielet identifying the array of African wildlife

Getting cornered by a pygmy hippo who can hold its breath underwater for six minutes!

Taking pics with animal sculptures that are super life-like!

G'day Kangaroo!

Ah Meng memorial. Bielet seemed to take very fondly to the smiley orang utan figure, sayang-ing it each time we took a pic :))

Getting around using the coolest sign posts

Creating happy memories at every possible photo point ;))

Bielet rushing to the stage of the Animal Friends Show in her excitement to see the dogs and cats, and back to her seat when she heard the barks and meows in oddly close proximities

Us awaiting the start of the Animal Friends Show!

Taking on Simba's safari ranger ride

Bielet trying to 'blind' Papa as a furry creature hangs out nearby. FUNNY

Bushed baby as Papa heads for a Icy Slush to cool down from carrying her all around the zoo.

"Big Smile," says Bielet as she does her signature pose

"Wait! Let Mama into the picture!"

Yay! All smiles as we all pose for another family shot! - With a family of elephants in the background, no less :))

We really enjoyed ourselves, especially as Bielet loves animals. Unfortunately we went before Kai Kai and Jia Jia arrived so we missed out on that big spectacle. The admission fee (with tram rides) was $25 for each adult and Bielet's was FOC. With her nearing her second birthday though, a lot more attractions will need to be paid for - like half an air ticket for our Australia holiday in December...

The last time I came to our zoo was for a work retreat. It was a ball of fun, and quite frankly, one of my best memories of my time with colleagues. There's always something about getting out of the office and placing yourself in less than familiar situations (like running around the zoo doing silly antics to get our clues for the next station with your boss and staff alike?). We had a little personality test - and I was an outgoing peacock type... what?! - and a zoo plushie for remembrance. I still have the cute little penguin too!

So if you ask me, between the zoo and Animal Resort, I very much prefer the tourist attraction because of its variety. If you like the laidback vibe and not want to be ketok by high prices, then head to the resort instead ;))

Singlet with gold glittered snowflake pattern from Gap, Khaki coloured skirt from Suntec

Printed singlet from Bugis Village, Blue denim shorts from Cotton On, Yellow and black bag from uni bazaar, Heart shaped sunnies from Accessorize


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