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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Day 90. Finally!

Yes, after what seems like eternity (and definitely not a mere three months worth of clothes), I've arrived at the goal of my look 9-0. Woohoo!

For this monumental event, I *of course* chose to don my favouritest and best dress ((: Why it's my most-loved frock is pretty much evident, eh? But other than it being in my choice colours, its interesting range of textiles are unconventional and make such a lovely touch - polyester, linen and leather. And I reserve it for happy events, which mean something to me.

The first time I wore this was when I watched Lion King at MBS with my sis. The show was utterly spectacular and remains my all-time favourite musical ((:

Anyway, please accept my apologies for the very delayed post. I fell terribly ill about 3 weeks back and was busy trying to regain my faculties plus finish up my work commitments. All's well and ends well though, because I'm feeling very much better (hence this post). Hee.

I've actually got a few more outfit posts but not sure if I'll continue blogging here?

:: WBW ::
Dress : Lemode Fashion (Celine)


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