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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Silkscreen Printing Workshop

I know I promised to blog on details of the silkscreen printing workshop eons ago (see here), but I fell terribly sick a few weeks back and then had to concentrate on completing my work commitments so... Well, better late than never, right? ;))

It all started when Ems and I went to the MAAD flea in August. We picked up a flyer from one of the booths and one day, decided that we should do something creative with our lives and try silkscreen printing (which we've always had interest to learn). Cue Monster Gallery (see its blog or facebook). It does all sorts of literary art, silver screen adaptations and independent events and designs. We thought it was so awesome that someone was willing to impart their skills on silkscreen printing so we jumped at the chance!

Spanning two days (each session was 2 hours and cost $150 in total), we not only got to learn how to do our own prints but also got to keep materials such as the frame, squeegee, cutting board, pencils - and green tea was provided to quench our thirst too. How thoughtful :)) If you're wondering where we're all squished in, it's the Books Actually store and we were surrounded by tonnes of inspirational books! Our teacher was Joe, who was extremely patient and provided lots of encouragement to noobs like me. Hee.

Here are some snaps from our first session. As this was the first day, we did the easy prints first. And yours truly did the simplest design of them all. ROFL.

It's just a bicycle riding uphill and letting out a fart as it goes along. Obviously, this is for ZX ;))

Ems did a pretty hot air balloon (to satiate her wanderlust) and Dy did a watch (for her burgeoning love of watches). Everyone's designs were pretty complicated because they had to cut out blank spaces in between to create their well thought out prints - unlike mine which, if you look closely, is just one big lump with some curves and lines. HAHAHA.

So for the second day, I decided to put in a bit more effort - Bielet's portrait! :))

Check us all so seriously drawing on our screens

Ems putting the paint just before making the actual print - that's Alexa! Heart.

But obviously I love mine DA MOST - Bielet's photo from when she was still under a year old!

And here's the final print of Bielet! Of course, I could have removed the dastardly double chin (but it's soooooooooooooo cute lah) and the goldfish-ish whiskers, but I felt these made her more realistic. Other than the pic I had to submit to Joe, I only made four other prints of Bielet to ensure its exclusivity. Will let you know if plans are in the works for Bielet to be a T-shirt or tote bag print. HAHAHA. Anyway, if you're wondering, here's the original pic:

Obviously it's a bit hard to make a really actual portrait but I'm really quite pleased with how my final print turned out. *Beams* What do you think?

As for my other talented classmates, here's what they conjured up. Stunning, right?

If you're interested in signing up for classes and the like, remember to follow Monster Gallery via networked blogs or on facebook. Apparently I bought one of their movie adaptation postcards for one of my friends earlier, so I was already impressed with their work before I had a fantastic workshop with them - not biased, okay! As I was looking through their blog for this post, I spied a few items that I really like. Shucks. Anyone wanna buy me Christmas present liao?

Thanks to my two dear chums for accompanying me to the workshop! It's always so nice to have great company to up the fun factor. XOXO

Disclaimer: Photos for this post was taken from the Monster Gallery facebook page or stolen from Ems and Dy. Chuckles.


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