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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


When you see me smile

It might be because Bielet saw someone getting hugged and then came over to give Mama one too.
Maybe she was really pleased having successfully weasled some chocolate and grinned her trademark cheeky and wide (and dark browned) grin.
Maybe she just completed belting her two favourite songs, the rainbow song and rain rain go away (in that order, yes her meteorological skills are a bit out of sync):

Red and yellow and pinka (cue raised eyebrows) 
Green and purpleandorangeandblueeeeee (cue puckered up lips #1)
Icanseerainbowtooooooo (cue puckered up lips #2)
Ain ain go awa, um again other day
Yiyi wanna play
[Mama has to interject as Bielet refuses to sing this line, only shaking her head in unison] Rain rain go to spain
(Bielet continues) Never show yer face
[Mama has to end] Again

It could also be that Bielet was having her swim class and a ball of a time splashing Mama with kickloads of water.
Maybe she put on a new accessory, modelled in front of the mirror and cooed "Pretty".
Maybe someone gave her a present and she went "Wow! Happy Today!" before singing her own rendition of Happy Birthday:

Happy Today to <insert name, to be decided by Bielet (not necessarily herself) - for e.g. Mama>
Happy Today to Mama (×3)
Happy Mama!

It may have been that Bielet had been chatting animatedly to her imaginary friend on the mobile.
Maybe she replied "Luf you" to Mama's fifth consecutive "Love you" (yes, repetition here equates coercion).
Maybe she walked funnily up to Mama and bawled "Pain pain" because she just did a mega poop in her diaper.

There might be so many, many, many times you see me smile
But it all comes back to you, my precious Bielet.
Thank you for making my 2012 so wonderful. I couldn't have done it without you. Hugs and kisses, and smiles :)
Hope I make you smile as often as you make me grin, as happy as you make me feel, and as proud as you make me always.

Xoxo, Mama


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