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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Bukit Timah

Made our way to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve today. Not really bright and early, because Hindhede Road was overflowing with cars by the time we reached at 9am O_O

We spotted a monkey at the visitor centre just before we headed up the steep incline. Bielet was wayyyyy excited and kept asking "Where monkey?" the entire time she hiked - as well as craning her neck towards the treetops. Hope she didn't get whiplash.

She almost made it up the incline but decided to wing it and get a lift from Papa. Quite a good job, I must say, cuz Mama was already getting tired. After the ground levelled, she clambered down and continued trekking to the summit! There were crowds of people at the top, and Bielet was the youngest one who trooped in. *Beams*

After some snaps, we headed down and she told us she preferred to walk. All in all, I'd say she walked half the route by herself :)) Awesome job! Seemingly as a reward for her hard work, we chanced upon two large groups of monkeys at the visitor centre enroute to the Hindhede Nature Park. Bielet squealed with delight at the primates' antics and commanded the monkeys to "come here!" Ummmmm I don't think so, monkeys please keep your distance. Especially since my bag had our tub of snacks.

Hindhede Nature Park was less crowded than Bukit Timah, so it was a breath of fresh air. Most park goers were families with kids, who enjoyed the playground - slides, zipline, swings, monkeybars, trampoline and the like. Bielet had so much fun! My energy level was kind of dipping at this point though...

Time to fill the rumbling tummies then! Read about this DIY pancake place, Nook, at Lor Kilat so we drove there for lunch. My sis and her bf joined us as they were nearby too :))

We got two 2-flavoured pancake sets to share between 5 of us (each set is supposed to serve 2), two bowls of cheeseburger soups and hot sides of grilled tomatoes and spinach, plus drinks. After almost everything came, ZX's milkshake didn't so we asked and they said they weren't serving milkshakes today. What the.. I didn't even bother asking after my missing spinach. Evidently, we were underwhelmed by the service - especially as the staff gave our table to a later patron after making us wait for it (both our groups didn't have reservations).

The cheeseburger soup was da bomb! Easily the best item of our meal (see bottom left) :)) And inspired by it, I made a cheeseburger pancake! (see bottom middle) The brown 'buns' were chocolate mix, the green 'lettuce' was pandan mix and the yellow 'cheese' was banana mix. Topped with oreo chunks and a leaf from our grilled tomatoes.

Of the four flavours (also ordered buttermilk), we agreed that pandan was the best. The chocolate was too sweet, banana a little bland, and buttermilk was normal. With the 3 sweet toppings for each set, we had loads to mix around but in the end, it turned out too sweet for us to finish - bananas, caramelised apples, honey, oreo chunks, strawberry compote, nuts. Must be too old for such sweet stuff liao. Anyway, the bill came up to $96 and we felt slightly ripped off cuz we didn't really enjoy the food or service. It's a pretty cool concept though, and Bielet enjoyed seeing us create different shapes (circle, triangle, square, star) and objects like fish and bananas. She managed to correctly identify the colours of the pancake mixes too. Fun for kiddos then :))

My sis then brought us down to one of her fave eateries, Carpenter & Cook, a few doors down. The desserts looked awesome! Will be back to try them another time. We took some pics outside the store cuz their retro decor was so quaint. Hee.

Now back home, ZX and Bielet are snoozing happily while I'm blogging away. Siao. Gonna take forty winks before cooking dinner. Zzz.

4 stars for the nature reserve and park (good exercise too!), and 2.5 for Nook


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