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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Dollhouse Bookshelf

With Bielet's growing collection of books, I decided to purchase a bookshelf for her. But this was no ordinary bookshelf. Meet the Krooom Dollhouse Bookcase :)) It does double duty as a sturdy case for books and a stylish nook for her dolls and toys.

That Bielet was about the same height as the box tickled me lots. She's so tall already!

The shelf comes flat packed, much like the stuff from Ikea. I had a nice time assembling the case myself - although Bielet was wriggling in and out of the 'rooms' as I was trying to fix the dollhouse together. Had to shoo her away a few times. ROFL.

Here's the dollhouse bookshelf in its full glory. I placed some of her toys and books in it too. She has waaaaaay more than these though but any storage helps. ;))

The loo

The bedroom

The kitchen

The dining and living spaces

It's made of 100% recyclable, reinforced cardboard so it's lightweight but remains real sturdy too, taking up to 10kg. Plus points for being environmentally friendly! While it's just a bookcase now, I hope Bielet will be able to enjoy it as a dollhouse when she grows up and starts playing house :)) I've always wanted a dollhouse  but never had the moolah to splurge on one. What I did spend on was the dollhouse furniture so that I could move my little dolls and toys on tables, chairs, sofas and all. It was an odd mix of antique-looking chairs and updated Sylvanian Families furniture. Hmmm, wonder where I stored them at? Would love for Bielet to 'inherit' them and enjoy playing with them!

[Note: This bookshelf was purchased from pop-up sale website Brandsfever. It remains one of my favourite sites for online shopping because of its reliable delivery and excellent after sales service!]

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