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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

One thing you should know about Bielet is that she has a major load of quirks. I'd like to think she got this side of her from *ahem* me since ZX is so straightlaced (but then again, you don't know him enough! LOL). So I decided to chronicle a new series of her quirks and twists, for posterity's sake :DD

To kick things off, here's a post on the little one's hugs - saw this quote on a friend's facebook and it brought to mind how much I love hugging my precious Bielet. 

(Source: My Motherboard)

1) Goodbye-to-mama-cya-after school hug: usually with fake sobs as if reminding me "you better make sure you pick me up".

This is a genuinely unhappy face, actually, but you get the drift!

2) Goodbye-to-everyone-else hug: she goes towards you seemingly for a mutual embrace but turns her back at the last minute so that she gets the full, fat hug without doing anything. Laughs.

3) Proper hug: she's picking this one up in good time, when she actually stretches out her arms and lightly wraps them around your shoulders (or legs if you are too tall or don't bother to bend down). Mostly followed by a faint utterance of "Hug Hug" for goodbyes or thankyous. 

(From left) Hugging sweet Caitlyn (yiyi's friend's daughter), her baby doll she named Toto and standing in a box while hugging her "grandmother bear" (a bear in the 'likeness' of my mum, replete with specs and black pants, courtesy of one of her ex-colleagues!)

Bielet ran up to ZX in Isetan the other day after he bought her a toy and gave him a mega thankyou hug from behind. Problem was it was mid-walk so ZX nearly tripped over as his left leg got held captive momentarily!

The "proper hug" is also a usual sighting during parties, mainly reserved for the birthday boy/girl.

Embracing birthday girl Ariel-jie jie at her party (yup, it was a Hello Kitty themed one)

4) Death grip: this usually occurs when something terrifies her (like unfamiliar crowds) or maybe on an off-day at swimming when she prefers simply to soak in the water. Also dubbed the koala-bear-hug because she holds on so tightly (like a baby koala on the mama) that you don't even have to support her bum with your arms. Quite a cool sight to behold. Lol.

5) Night-night hug: see "proper hug", but usually followed by a sleepy call of "Night Night {insert name}" instead, and a soft peck on the cheek.

6) Sleep hug: not to be confused with "night-night hug". When Bielet is almost about to fall asleep or just wakes up, she rolls over to me and plants a huge kiss on my lips and presses her face against mine. Think happy big head hug. And you wonder why I'm having difficulty letting her sleep on her own (my problem, not hers).

7) My-blanket hug: if there's one item Bielet loves to bits, it's her red blankie. She used to drag it everywhere she went but nowadays, she will only search or demand for it when she's sleepy. Then she buries her face into the blankie as she squashes it between her arms. If you try so much as to dislodge it, be prepared for the fiercely unhappy shrieks proclaiming "My Blanket! MINE!" My bro did it just the other day and in response to her cries, he replied "Yeah, it is your blanket but it used to be Kevin Ah Gu's before, you know?" Eh, don't think she gives a hoot but thanks for letting her take it, Vin ;))

8) Specially-reserved-for-papa hug: ZX huddles over the laptop to work while he's seated on the couch. So Bielet will clamber up to the couch cushion behind him, sit (with her legs on each shoulder, like piggy back position) and hug him real tight from the back. It really is quite sweet although sometimes she overdoes it and some strange, choking noises emit from the said papa. During ZX's recent mountaineering trip, where he was away for 1.5 weeks, Bielet must have missed him very much because her teacher told me she was choking her classmates while seated behind them. I was very disturbed at her behaviour until I pieced it together and realised she was actually trying to embrace them with her special hug.

9) **Rare!** Very-excited-to-see-you hug: as the name suggests, it happens only when she's over the moon to see you. Like when my parents returned from their 2 week long trip, Bielet went running to my mum with a huge grin on her face and smothered Granny with her little arms (and also bumped Granny with such force that she would have fallen over if she didn't know better, I'd like to add). These rare occasions are very satisfying to watch but sadly, I don't recall receiving this hug before. ZX had a few though. He says cuz I'm always around. Bah.

There's just something so comforting about a warm, sincere embrace 
A pair of nice strong arms enveloping you maybe
Or perhaps just a spontaneous response when you randomly meet a dear one.

But the best of all is a Bielet hug.


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