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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Just bie a good girl

Away with multiple blogs and double blogging. I've finally combined all into one spanking, brand new blog :DD [Note: some minor layout tweaks still in progress]

After looking through my past blog entries (which I archived and imported select posts here), it struck me that it's been almost a whole year since I left agedeebee! It's been a life-changing year - if I may say so myself - as I learnt to be more independent and responsible for Bielet, definitely more patient, and my temper has really mellowed a whole lot. The food I cook is more palatable (read: I didn't say edible) although my house still perpetually looks like ground zero after the worst of worse hurricanes hit. And oh, my bank account has been depleted to that when I was studying...

In this time, I also took up freelance writing; and while deadlines were suffocating (it's really different when you're far removed from the office world and work consists of researching when baby is schooling or punching the keyboard in the wee hours when everyone is asleep), I really enjoyed doing some of my stories. Of course, the wee pay cheque that came with it didn't hurt either! But since I don't really do these jobs full-time, it can't pay the bills or sustain our lifestyle (though we have pared down quite a fair bit) - and that's where my hubby comes in. Without his support - and pocket - I wouldn't have been able to go through the past year.

It sounds like what I'm going to say next is I've found a job and going back to working life, but no. Lol. (That's in the works but for 2014.) I've been very blessed and really thankful. And I'm going to return that by contributing to a cause which I think is really meaningful. First learnt of it when I was a writer for our agedeebee in-house publication (interviewed one of our staff who regularly does it) and then got wind of friends and acquaintances who also participated before. What mysterious cause is this, you think?

*Pardon the bad 'before' photo. I didn't have any other passport sized pic! Lol*

Yup! I'm gonna be shaving my hair for charity! And you, my dear family and friend, will kindly contribute right? *Big sweet smile* The Hair For Hope event aims to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer, with proceeds going towards children and families impacted by cancer.

Okay, I admit that I don't really maintain my looks but given societal norms, it's quite radical for a lass to have a shaven head. But the shaving is really to tell the little ones afflicted by the disease and who have lost their hair due to chemo treatments that hey, it's alright to be botak - we're all in it together ;))

The decision to do this is also because I turn the big 3-0 this year. My girlfriends were talking about what they were gonna do to mark this milestone and likewise, I thought long and hard about it. So, instead of presents (okay, maybe you can gift me a hat or two), please support me and contribute okay! You can make a donation online through my profile page (click here) :DD My timeslot will be on Sunday, 28 Jul between 5 and 6pm. Come then, I'll be bald and fat. Why fat? Ah, that's another story for another day......


  1. Hello! I am Evelyn's friend. She mentioned you will be shaving too and gave me your blog link. I'm 24 this year and doing it Sunday, 28 July between 4pm-5pm. You're one brave girl and you're not alone too! I'll be going through the same "growing pains" phase with you. And maybe, we can share tips on scarf hair-dos and our experience!

    1. Cool, hi Shin Yu! :)) Yay we're participating on the same day. Is it your first time shaving? Would be great to see a familiar face at the event cuz my friend who usually shaves is taking a break this year. Hee