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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Dann's Daily

I am a carnivore, who is forced to be an omnivore because let's face it: veggies and fruits are good for you, but never will I become a herbivore. Although I do have some vegetarian outfits I rather like, hello Real Food (not really vegetarian but can cater for you if nec), LingZhi Vegetarian and *alas* the now-defunct Naive. Now, add Dann's Daily to that list.

ZX brought me to this little eatery at Eastwood Centre, after reading about it in the papers, when it first opened in 2010 (I remember cuz I was expecting Bielet then!) We shared an all-day breakfast set of triangle toasties and eggs for lunch, and immediately felt hungry when we left the joint. The portions were definitely made for an individual.

Fast forward to the present, we have been heading to Siglap/Katong area more often for meals and usually drive past Eastwood Centre, so I've been wanting to drop by the eatery again. (Oh! And maybe Shape featuring the chef's recipes a couple of issues back had something to do with it too!) Unfortunately, by the time ZX ends work, the cafe is always closed - with last orders being takeaways at 7pm. After about three botched attempts to visit the place, I finally managed to lunch there with Bielet and my parents early this week :)) [Bielet didn't have any classes as it was the day before her school excursion and we were too lazy to cook!]

We were the only ones in the cafe and got prime seats by the glass windows, with all the glory of the midday sun peeking at us and our yummy lunch!

Strictly speaking, Dann's Daily is a pescetarian cafe (not vegetarian), meaning it serves fish too. [According to Wikipedia, there are more than 10 variations of vegetariansim!] But well, I don't like fish either so I was doing a double-take as to my choice of lunch destination when we stepped in... Thankfully there was more on the menu than I remembered - with a selection of tortilla wraps, burgers, pastas, salads and Asian-style noodles. Usually my parents and I order quite different foods but coincidentally, we all felt like burgers that day.

Our plates of food all came looking the same - and all looking really healthy. OMG what did I do?! But tucking into my pumpkin zucchini burger and its generous topping of alfalfa sprouts cleared my apprehension. It had a sweet and wholesome but still hearty taste, and it was well cooked (leaving no raw aftertaste). Plus the olive bun was a nice change from my white breads. I was initially worried too, that Bielet might just eat the chips and refuse anything else but she didn't complain when she finished her chips and started on the burger. In fact, she polished the portions of pumpkin zucchini and tuna avocado that we shared with her (plus the alfalfa!) The side of greens were drizzled with some too-salty-for-me sauce so I left it untouched though... Also had fresh red apple calamansi juice to wash the burger down, which had a refreshingly tangy taste and chockful of pureed apple bits at the end of my drink. My parents had clean dishes at the end of the meal so our verdict is a unanimous two thumbs up!

Patrons are requested to order at the counter (from the overhead menu) before seating

Snapped some shots when the place was empty, but it was near full when we finished lunch! (Save two empty tables for couples)

Snag some healthy snacks on your way out!

Despite it being our lunch, the rest of the patrons who streamed in ordered the steamed cupcakes (is that all you're eating?!?!, I thought) The cupcakes are actually displayed on the cake stand near the entrance (covered in plastic wrap), yup on that black table pictured above, and your selection is warmed up and topped with cream toppings such as gula melaka or chocolate. It all seemed rather strange to me, but seeing how the cupcakes got snapped up it probably tastes not bad, right? Ah hah, another reason to head back - along with the Asian-style noodles and pastas!

It was such a pleasant surprise to have had a yummy and filling and non-carnivore meal, plus which Bielet (who is becoming rather finicky about her foods) enjoyed too :)) Nom nom nom. Mamas who want their kids to have a good, healthy meal will relish the menu options available, me thinks!


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