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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Thanks everyone who told me you enjoyed reading Part 1 of Bielet's Quirks :)) It was really nice to receive encouraging words on my writings, tho all credit goes to Bielet for having the best hugs ever! And as promised, here's Part 2.

Bielet likes to talk. Like really (previous posts on her baby babble, here and here). When she was a wee cherub (read: indistinguishable words), I could just sit with her and listen to that adorable baby talk all day. Now that she has a clearer vocab, it's even more fascinating to be around to hear her use a new word for the first time! For a start tho, you should know that there are a few pet phrases that she uses on a daily basis. Here goes:

1. No laughing
Like who the heck taught her this, I dunno but it is so funny that it makes us laugh even more.
It could be something in relation to what she said or someone else, but if the reaction is your chuckle, you can be sure to receive a very condescending "No laughing" - plus a solemn talk-to-my-hand action and an evil eye. Imagine the strictest but most polite headmistress. That's my little girl.

We keep telling her that it's okay to laugh when we are happy but to hear her "No laughing" command really makes your day. Especially if any giggles still escape us and she crosses her arms while repeating said phrase. And an awesomely deadpan glare.

Classic deadpan glare. Love.

2. On myself
Welcome to the terrible twos where she's starting to assert her independence. (Disclaimer: I've heard the term 'terrible twos' many a time but thankfully, Bielet is in her 'tame twos'. I think mama is too fierce for her to turn terrible! O_o)

Whenever Bielet wants to do anything BY herself, she will use the oft-phrase "on myself".

Example #1: "Heidi bathe on myself. Mama stay outside." She insists on showering herself and I'm quite happy to let her do it, except that she soaps and shampoos the walls and glass doors instead of herself. If we had it her way, she would just be watered while the rest of my loo would be sparklingly clean.

Example #2: "Heidi walk on myself." While we stand absolutely firm that she holds our hands when we walk across the road/carpark or up the escalator, she very much prefers walking solo. She first announces it by uttering the above phrase then releases herself from your clutch and literally holds her own hand, little fingers all intertwined. Like during her prayer (except she's trotting along). Trot trot trot.

3. So scary
Think Mitten's decibel-busting barks and shrieks of excitement when my bro or anyone familiar arrives home (Mitten is my bro's sheltie, btw). Think a sudden bang of thunder. Think someone shouting angrily at another person.

Bielet jumps in shock then runs for cover in the arms of the nearest one or couch or pillow. Then she exclaims "So scary" and pats her chest to calm herself down.

Sharing a (quieter) moment with her best friend, Mitten

Oh, think also ginormous ducks hovering around you. Yeah, she went on her pre-nursery excursion to the Animal Resort and told us after that "Ducks so scary". Her teacher, Ms Tan, told my mum that she got frightened by the geese but enjoyed herself otherwise. I'll say. It's been almost a week since the outing and she's still proclaiming her scary duck story to everyone. H7N9, anyone?

You've actually met the scary ducks before, Bielet! (Earlier visit to Animal Resort)

4. Please {insert name} can I have {insert object of desire} please?
Object here mostly refers to a snack or gadget. It figures that these are what motivated her to articulate her most complete and clearest sentence...

She first used it when she discovered a tube of Gerber stars in the kitchen trolley. I was so awestuck by the clarity of her speech that I must have OD-ed her on the stars snack. Ditto for my mum and her iphone. Gosh, are we suckers or what?!

5. Where my {insert person/object of desire}? Where?
Seemingly common question. Except that our convo goes something like this. (Below is for 'person of desire')

Bielet: Where my A-pa? Where?
Me: A-pa is in Simei, sweetheart.
Bielet: Where my Granny? Where?
Me: Granny is with A-pa in Simei.
Bielet: Where my Mitten?
Me: Mitten is with them in Simei. She's guarding the house, right?
Bielet: Where my A-pa and Granny?
Me: Like I said earlier, they're at Simei.
Bielet: Where Yiyi? Where Uncle Robin? Where Kevin Ah Gu? Where Aunty Jenny? WHERE?

And this line of questioning can go on for an entire car journey. She usually fires these questions right after the said parties leave us. Like when we leave her kindergarten, she usually demands the whereabouts of her teachers and half her class (and their parents/grandparents)...

As for 'object of desire', the question is mostly rhetorical cuz she remembers where she placed the item. She asks, then hunts for it and triumphantly announces "Oh there! I found it!" If she fails to find the object, she will put on the saddest look she can muster with a "It lost" until you feel so sorry for her that you would rather waste ten thousand years of your life locating then digging it out from her mess, I mean, mass of toys.

6. Terrible
When I referred to a condescending tone in "No laughing", I mean Condescending here. Say whenever Mitten pees or poops out of her newspaper-lined tray, Bielet will bao-toh "Mitten poo poo all over" then shake her head in disapproval, saying "TERRIBLE". Most times tho, she uses it on her toys.

If you're wondering who taught her this, I concede it was me. But it was because I needed a substitute word for the horrendous drivers on the road or anything else that pissed me off BAD. "Terrible" ain't such a bad cuss word sub, right?

7. I tired
Try as you might to get Bielet to do something against her will, she will mutter a quick "I tired" then pretend to lean against her seat and close her eyes. Like if she sang a song really well and you wanted an encore but she felt otherwise.

Calling her bluff - really looks like she's sleeping here, right?!

The meal-time equivalent when she doesn't want anymore is "Eat so much, tummy ache. I full." Usually accompanied by a stick-out-tummy-action (sometimes with a tummy rub) and a low sigh. Also pushes plate or bowl away.

8. Tummy ache
From above. "Tummy ache" isn't used exclusively in negative terms. When Bielet wants to weasel another snack from me, I usually use my "You can't eat so much (for instance) jelly, sweetheart, or you will get a tummy ache." To which, she flashes her cheeky, dimpled smile and replies laughily, "I want tummy ache!"

Rare capture of her cheeky little smile!

"I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt tummy ache!"

9. Sit here, don't move
Again, mainly reserved for her toys. She carries the toy to the chair and commands them not to move an inch (with a stern palm in their face, I might add). Must be what her teachers are saying to her in school cuz she sometimes includes "Sit here, don't move. Mrs Eppie say." (Mrs Eppie is the assistant teacher)

"Sit here, don't move. Mama big smile."
(Disclaimer: Bielet lined up all the toys herself before plonking herself down and asking me to snap a photo, i.e. "big smile".)

10. Dear Lord, thank you for the milk milk milk
Perhaps my favouritest of her pet phrases. As far as prayers go, Bielet could say "Amen" first. Then she learnt "Dear Lord" and the accompanying clasp of her hands. A few months back, I started getting her to verbalise what she was thankful for.

Me: Dear Lord
Bielet: Dear Lord
Me: Thank you for...
Bielet: The milk milk milk**
Me: Thank you for providing the yummy milk that Heidi drinks. For giving her the strength and energy she needs to be healthy and strong. Thank you also for...
Bielet: Papa
Me: Thank you also for blessing Papa and keeping him safe. For bringing him back to us, dear Lord. Thank you for...

And she rattles off a list of people and things she wants to give thanks for that day.

(After giving thanks for whoever she lists) Me: Thank you for blessing us and all our loved ones. In Jesus' name?
Bielet: AMEN

** Giving thanks for her milk happens every prayer, whether meal-times or bedtime
As a November baby, I realise that Bielet doesn't speak as well as her other classmates (some of whom were born in January of 2010). I worry that Bielet is frustrated in school because nobody understands her.

But my sweetheart, mama understands. Xoxo.


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