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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Happy Mothers' Day!

And so it's Mamas' Day! 

Happy Mothers' Day to my dear Mumo ((: Thank you for putting up with all our nonsense and still babying me despite me being a mama myself now. I feel your love for me every single day and hope that you know we love you loads as well! Even though we fight and quarrel sometimes, there's really no one else we would rather throw a hissy fit at then kiss and make up after with huge hugs. Xoxo.

One of my fav pictures with my Mumo :)) Taken almost five years ago! So young, we look eh?

Well, we usually don't do anything ra-ra; just a simple meal out (mostly not on mothers' day because Mumo insists on not pandering to jacked up prices) and gifts. This year though, our family is going through a tough period coping with a tragedy so we are holding all celebratory plans. Likewise, our little family of three isn't having any celebration but Bielet did gift me with the most beautiful rainbow coloured bouquet of calla lillies! (Actually each 'lily' is a paint-print of her cute, tiny hand. Loveeee)

And even though we aren't celebrating Mothers' Day, I had a nice time at the nail salon and spa over the last week - which I think any mama would love :))

I drove past this nail salon a long time ago (like last year!) and its super cool name stuck in my head for the longest time. Wanted to organise my bff's hen party there but her large entourage of like 10 bridesmaids forced a change of plans *ahem, super atas hi-tea at Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel*

Anyways, I finally got a chance to go check it out when my sis needed a new nail salon, as the ones she and I frequented have both closed down. Bah. But it was a sign - and we have both fallen in love with Manicurious *please, oh please, don't close down too*

Unlike usual standalone nail salons, Manicurious has a retail nook with the coolest stuff (hello Komono watches! Jewellery, flip flops and even bak-zhang five stones, which I so love.) as well as a cafe space where you can get some awesome desserts like Windowsill pies and coffee/tea. Then of course, you get to the nail corner where you get pampered as you sink into the plush retro armchairs. At least, for those like us who get pedicures.

My welcome green tea!

The manicure spot doesn't look too shabby either!

I decided on a white nail polish because I totally suck at painting white, it never turns out nice and smooth - altho my sis said it looks like liquid paper -_-" To counter such comments, I requested for a yellow matryoshka doll nail art on my big toenails! Actually, I was preparing for the worst (i.e. getting declined on any sort of intricate nail art because my nails are too small and short) as many a nail salon has rejected my nail art requests :(( So it was such a pleasant surprise that the lady doing my nails immediately got down to it: taking a photo of the pattern I wanted, the colour and even suggested filling in polka dots to accompany the doll. And the painting apparatus of mini tubs and brushes and all were rather overwhelming...

Result? The cutest nail art I have ever had! :)) And of course, my favouritest pattern (altho I would have preferred the doll facing me instead of outwards but yah, I know it is quite hard to draw upside down.)


Our pretty pedicures!

If I had more spare cash, I would go Manicurious like every month and have the prettiest nails around. And since we're on Mothers' Day (yes, sorry I raved so much about the nail salon that we kind of lost the plot), you can bring your little girl along for a dual pampering experience! Yup, although Manicurious doesn't have a Mothers' Day promo (check out their services here), they do have something for the little princesses. "They may be young, but they sure know how to look pretty. What the Princess wants, the Princess gets," says Manicurious.

"Treatment includes the following (shape/trim cuticles, massage, polish):
-- Princess Manicure, 15mins @ $8
-- Princess Pedicure, 15mins @ $10"

And then, grab some lovely pies after! Any day can be a mamas' day, right?

Bielet might not be old enough for a pedicure, but we have matching gold flip-flops! Mama's from Gap, Baby's from Cotton On Kids :))

{The Retreat Spa & Thalasso Centre}
Nestled in Changi Village Hotel, this spa has chalked up many accolades and my sis absolutely loves it. This is where she gets her regular massages and she always feels so much more relaxed after. She got me a $300 voucher for my birthday a couple of years back and ZX and I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered in the couple suite.

Since I have been having the biggest kink in my back for the last couple of weeks, I decided it was time for me to drop some moolahs to squish it out. By a sheer stroke of luck, my therapist turned out to be my sis's regular one (hi Wanpen!) and boy, does she squish well. Gentle yes, but she really hits the spot. I didn't even know my lower back was aching until she pressed it out. And the ambience is as good as it gets, with your own personal shower if you wanna get showered prior to the massage, the usual lounge music and dim lighting - altho the grass cutting machine roaring outside very rudely interrupted my near-slumber. The spa has 3 levels though, at the ground level and top floors (near the awesome La Cantina, which serves one of the best Italian nosh in town). Not sure whether you can request the 8th and 9th floor rooms but our couple massage was there previously.

My welcome green tea! (Again!)

Sneaking a shot of the waiting area ;))

Woohoo, personal shower!

And the lovely room

The kink in my back disappeared for a few hours but came back when I laid down for a snooze. Sigh. Guess there aren't miracles, after all. BUT my muscles (if I have any left) feel nice and relaxed after the pampering, and I wish I could have another like now. NOW.
If you wanna bring your mama here, the spa has a Mothers' Day promo (available until further notice) or choose from their extensive spa menu!

"Treatment includes the following, at $98/pax or $188/couple:
-- Cleansing of Back, 10mins
-- Body Scrub, 20mins
-- Back Massage, 20mins
-- Facial, 25mins"

So it's not too late to pamper your mum, especially if you have forgotten that today is Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mamas out there, especially newly minted ones who might be struggling with the late nights and wailing babies. It might be tough now but never doubt that you are and will always be the greatest mum to your bub :))


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